Davey was born in Davie, Florida on February 25, 1961 and was just a baby when they came to Alabama the first time. They were in Alabama a few months and went back to Florida where Bonnie was born on December 4, 1962 in Hollywood, Florida. They moved back to Alabama in May 1963 and have lived here for over 30 years. Clifford was born in, Birmingham, AL on October 20, 1964 and Carrie in Fairfield, Alabama on May 3, 1967.


Edmond Jacob (Pop) Allison (1905-1991) was the first of two sons born to Jacob and Irma Allison. Edmond was born on March 19, 1905. He has only one brother, Jacob Eugene. They resided in Pearl River, New York. His father was a machinist and his mother stayed home to raise her children.

Katherine (Mom) Allison (1906-2008) was the second of two daughters borne to Arthur and Katherine Patton. Kittie’s mother died when she was only 4 years old. Her father, Arthur, remarried Theresa Bruick. They had five more children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. Her father was a bookkeeper and her mother and step-mother stayed home to raise their children.

Edmond worked in a box factory, where cardboard boxes were made. He loved to work on cars and ride motorcycles. The girls especially loved to ride with him, and Kittie was no exception. Kittie worked as a file clerk for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

The two met at a Knights of Columbus Bazaar in 1925. They were married on October 23, 1927 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Park Ridge, New Jersey. They lived in Pearl River, New York until after their second child was born and then they moved to Miami, Florida. They resided in Miami until after the death of their daughter Margaret Mary in February 1963, when they moved to Fairfield, Alabama. They moved back to Miami in 1966. In 1976 they returned to Alabama to live in Hueytown.

Ed and Kittie were soon to become known as Mom and Pop Allison. Bobby and Donnie always introduced them as Mom and Pop around the race tracks and the name stuck.

In 1963 Mom and Pop moved to Midfield, Alabama. Their daughters Jeannie, Aggie and Cindy moved with them. Jeannie attended John Carroll High School and Aggie and Cindy went to St. Aloysius, where some of their great-grandchildren also attended.

Pop went to work for Tom Gloor Chevrolet and he drove the St. Aloysius School Bus. The bus transported children from the Midfield area to St. Aloysius School in Bessemer.

While working for Tom Gloor Chevrolet Service Department during the winter Pop got monoxide poisoning because it was so cold they had to keep the doors shut. Shortly after this, Mom and Pop decided to move back to Hollywood, Florida. Pop went to work for his son-in-law, Rudy Blakey, doing maintenance in his airplane repair shop. He also worked at an Audio Visual store doing maintenance work.

Pop Allison retired in 1977 and they decided to move back to Hueytown, Alabama. Pop went to work for Bobby doing odd jobs around the shop. Mom and Pop continued to help Bobby and Judy traveling along and taking care of the grandchildren. Not only did they help Bobby and Judy, but their other 8 children as well. Mom and Pop moved into a trailer that was across the street from Bobby and Judy’s house. This made it easy and convenient for them to watch over everything when Bobby and Judy went out of town and made them accessible to the grandchildren as they got older and didn’t need someone staying with them.

Pop died in April 1992. Mom died March 2008. She was very dedicated to her religion and you wouldn’t catch her without a set of rosary beads. She retired from being an Avon Representative after 25 years of dedicated service.. Before moving into The Little Flower Assisted Living Home, she was traveling around between different family members and going strong. She was a tremendous help to everyone over the years. She will continue to be a great inspiration to all.


Bobby and Judy met in the late ’50’s through Judy’s sister Carolyn and her husband Ralph Stark. Ralph had sold a race car to a guy named Mr. Johnson and a young racer named Bobby Allison was asked to drive it. Judy did not go to the races much, she was usually babysitting or going out with friends.

One night she decided to give it a try. They went to Medley Speedway and during the race Bobby’s car hit the wall and caught on fire. Bobby’s friend Bob Janell was sitting down in front of Judy with his and Bobby’s dates. When Bobby’s car caught fire, Judy jumped up and called his name. When the races were over and the fans were allowed in the pit area, Bob Janell ran straight to Bobby and pointed her out in the stands telling him what she had done. After that everyone went to the local hangout a Neveils’ BBQ joint. Judy was there with her sisters and brothers-in-law and Bobby was there with Bob and their dates. He made sure he sat where he could make eye contact with Judy while they ate.

A day or so later, Bobby made a point to come talk to Ralph about a part on the race car and he was dressed nice. He did not look like a grease monkey as they called them back then. He came by the house knowing where the shop was, but then asked Judy to ride with him over to the shop. The shop was closed and they rode around and talked a lot. He boasted so much about all the girlfriends he had that she told him the same thing. When she got home, she told her sisters that she never wanted to see him again. He was the most conceited individual she ever knew.

A week or so later at West Palm Beach Speedway, Bobby had trouble with his car and came in the grandstands to finish watching the race. He asked to take Judy home and she having another boyfriend at the time asked her sister Arlene what she should do. Her sister in turn told her to ask her brother-in-law, Hank. Hank encouraged Judy to go with Bobby knowing that her other boyfriend had another girlfriend. Judy’s family liked Bobby allot. Bobby took Judy to Arlene’s where she and her mother were living at the time. The next day she and her mother were to be moving to Orlando to live with her sister Connie. Bobby told her he would come see her in Orlando, but she didn’t believe him. It was only two weeks later when he made the first of many trips to see her wherever she was living.

They were married February 20, 1960.

Bobby had already made several trips north to Alabama Racing and after a year of going back and forth convinced Judy to come to Alabama with him. They put up temporary housing in a garage apartment that belong to a guy named “Big George” and his wife Tommie Walker. Big George was the pace car driver at BIR and they all became very good friends.

She passed away December 18, 2015.


David Carl “Davey” Allison (February 25, 1961 – July 13, 1993) was a NASCAR driver. He was best known for driving the #28 Texaco-Havoline Ford for Robert Yates Racing in the Cup Series.


Clifford L. Allison (October 20, 1964 – August 13, 1992) was a NASCAR driver.